What Is The Best Mattress For Heavy People?

After a long, hard day at work, the one thing you look forward to is sleeping it all off. However, whether or not you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep depends on the quality of your mattress. There was a time when there were only a few options available in the market. Those days are long gone.

The variety of options available now can leave you dumbfounded. How do you decide which one is the best mattress for you? If you consider yourself to be overweight or heavy, finding the perfect mattress might be even more difficult. This is because you must take into account different things compared to an average weighted user.

Don’t worry if you think you are overweight and don’t know how to choose a mattress. We are here to guide you.

Things To Look For In A Mattress For Heavy People

There are both general and personalized considerations that you must keep in mind when shopping for a mattress. Here are some of the factors you need to look for.

  • A Quality Foam

Selecting a quality foam is a given, regardless of what your weight is. However, the importance of selecting a high-quality form increases if you are overweight. This is because most low-quality foams will not be able to deliver you the softness you need and will sag much more quickly than they would have for people with lower weight. Hence, the first thing you must look for is quality. Don’t try to save a few bucks and opt for a low-quality foam. It is not worth it.

  • Thickness

The perfect thickness of the mattress depends on your weight. Anyone who weighs less than 200 pounds will find a 10-inch bed to be perfect. People who weigh more than 200 pounds have the option to select a 12-inch thick mattress as well. There are much thicker options out there as well which deliver comfort and compression support.

Also, keep in mind that overt thickness may not always be a good way to judge the overall thickness of the mattress. There are quite a few options out there that offer additional support even if their thickness is 10 inches.

  • Ventilation

The chances are that you might feel hot when you are sleeping. This is a common complaint of overweight users. It may occur if you select a mattress that does not offer breathability or ventilation. To make sure you are comfortable and don’t sweat profusely when sleeping, look out for tiny holes. If a mattress has these holes, it is able to promote ventilation and allow you to sleep cool.

  • Support

Optimum support is needed by all. After all, it helps deliver comfort and make sure that the correct pressure is applied to different parts of the body. The more weight you have, the more important support becomes. You need a mattress that is shaped according to the curves of your body. For instance, shoulders and hips require more pressure compared to your lumbar. Effective and customized support must be provided.

  • Firmness

Companies offer different firmness levels in the same product. You must select one which is best for you. Generally, heavier individuals tend to go for medium-firm mattresses. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. The firmness which will be perfect for you also depends on your preferred sleeping position.

Remember, the heavier you are, the more sinkage there will be and the more a mattress sinks, the higher the chance of you experiencing back pain. Anyone who weighs more than 230 pounds is likely to experience a 2-inch sinkage. Hence, choose the firmness keeping this in mind.

Types of Mattresses

Whether you are overweight or underweight, you need to be well-versed on the different options in the market. Here are some of the types of mattresses you will come across.


When it comes to overweight individuals, innerspring isn’t a good option. It tends to offer minimal support and creates pressure points. This may lead to back and body pain. However, if you don’t have any other option but to purchase an innerspring, the least you can do is use a coil-on-coil one to get better support.

Memory Foam

If you were to ask us, we would tell you that mattresses that feature memory foam tend to be the best for overweight people. This is because these foams are excellent at adapting to your body. They apply pressure at the right points, hence delivering customized support to you. However, there is one flaw in memory foam. Most of them don’t offer enough ventilation and may make you feel hot when you sleep.


Another great option is opting for a latex mattress. This is because they are much more breathable than a memory foam mattress and are likely to keep you cool. However, they don’t adapt to your body shape and may not deliver enough comfort. For those of you who already have pain in your back, you might want to avoid latex since it will just make it worse.

Top 5 Mattresses for Heavy People

Are you still confused about which mattress to equip yourself with? Here are five options you might want to consider.


Purple Queen Mattress Purle Queen Mattress

If you are highly involved with your mattress purchase, the chances are that you would know the positive reputation of Purple Mattresses. This queen mattress is ideal for overweight individuals.

Main Features

This mattress is equipped with a motion isolation feature. This means that if you are sleeping with your partner, neither of you will feel disturbed when the other person moves. This has been a source of convenience for those who easily wake up.

For people who are overweight, ventilation is very important. The fact that this product is equipped with a free air flow technology is what makes it an excellent choice for you. Unlike memory foam and latex that are known to trap body heat and make you feel hot, this mattress is equipped with breathable channels that keep you and the mattress cool at all times.

Just like a memory foam, the foam used in a Purple mattress is known to adjust as per the weight and body shape of the user. The fact that the material used for constructing the mattress is non-toxic makes it a much better option than any traditional foam out there.

The firmness delivered is optimal as well. Upon usage, the places you want to go soft will become soft and places that are required to remain hard will do so. This is perfect for delivering quality support, which ensures comfort.


  • The mattress is quite soft.
  • It is stylish and doesn’t necessarily need to be covered with a bed sheet.
  • It is equipped with a 10-year warranty.
  • It has an excellent ventilation system.
  • The mattress helps relieve back pain and correct posture.


  • It might not be suitable for tall people.
  • Someone who is lightweight or has an average weight will find the firmness to be a little too soft.

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The Novosbed MediumNovabed Mattress

Are you looking for a quality memory foam mattress? If so, this Novosbed will prove to be perfect for you.

Main Features

One of the features that make this mattress an excellent choice for heavy people is the support system included in it. Such a support system is needed by all, but for heavy people, it can make or break their sleeping experience. This mattress has been successful in delivering a foam that adjusts well to the body shape, pressure points and weight of the user, hence delivering the required support.

Moreover, while memory foams tend to feature poor ventilation, the manufacturer of this product has succeeded in avoiding this issue. This has been achieved by including more than a thousand air channels in the mattress. These air channels aid in delivering breathability, which makes sure that your body temperature as well as the mattress remains cool at all times.

To the naked eye, the 11-inch thickness may seem less for heavy people. However, when you use the mattress, you will realize that the support features an additional inch and, hence, is better at delivering overall comfort.

Furthermore, those of you who care about their mattress being presentable at all times would love the fact that the cover of this mattress is removable and, hence, washable. This means regardless of how old your mattress is, no one would be able to tell by its state. The fact that it doesn’t sag much further gives it a barely-used look that people wish their home furniture to have.


  • The firmness can be adjusted.
  • It is extremely comfortable and adjusts well to the body shape.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • It is very breathable and, hence, helps regulate body temperature.


  • The customer service could be improved.

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Zinus Green Tea MattressZinus Memory Foam 10-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus is yet another company that is known to deliver quality material. This mattress is as good for heavy people as anyone else.

Main Features

Users who weigh more than 200 pounds have found this Zinus mattress to be very comfortable. One can attribute this satisfaction to the product’s optimum thickness, which is 10 inches. Rather than just delivering a single foam, it has delivered three layers. Thus, while you might think that a 10-inch thickness does not suffice, the way this mattress delivers it makes it satisfactory.

The layers include a base foam at the bottom, which is high-density in nature with a thickness of 5.5 inches. Moreover, a comfort foam of 2 inches has also been added to relieve pain. The product is equipped with a 2.5-inch layer of memory foam as well. This foam adapts well to your body shape and relieves all the pressure points while delivering hip and back support. This element delivers enhanced comfort, which is the point of a mattress at the end of the day.

Rather than just delivering functional benefits, this mattress takes it further up a notch and offers a stylish product as well. This has been ensured by the knitted Jacquard fabric finish. While it does not include proper ventilation, it does make sure that the mattress does not reek of sweat odor. The protection against odor is ensured by the design of the mattress.


  • It can be used by people who weigh up to 300 pounds.
  • It has a sweet fragrance and does not stink even if you sweat.
  • The price is low.
  • It is certified and is guaranteed to be both durable and comfortable.


  • It can develop mold if you don’t clean it often.

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Lucid Plus Gel Memory Foam MattressLUCID 16-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Who has the time to buy a mattress every few years? This is why this mattress is perfect as you can expect LUCID’s gel memory foam mattress to last long. Anyone who wants durability should give this product a try.

Main Features

This product is equipped with a 25-year warranty. This can be analyzed in two ways. Firstly, you can expect the product to last at least two decades. Why else would a company vouch for the product for such a long time? Would you ever guarantee that your mattress would be long lasting if you expect it to sag after a few years? Hence, this move itself is evidence of its durability.

Secondly, it means if there are any issues in the mattress, you won’t have to bear the cost alone. This makes the purchase much more cost-effective.

What makes this gel memory foam mattress a good choice for heavy people is the support that it succeeds in delivering. The mattress is made up of a 1.5-inch support foam (high-density in nature) and a 2.5-inch memory foam on top of it. The latter foam helps offer both back and hip support. It also makes sure that the mattress conforms to your body and delivers comfort, hence providing overall support and ensuring that the mattress does not start sagging.

Additionally, the memory foam is made to be both breathable and odor-free. This not only makes sure that you don’t feel hot while sleeping but also ensures that you never get embarrassed because of a stinky mattress.


  • The ventilation delivered is excellent.
  • It succeeds in preventing odor.
  • The mattress is packaged in a compact way which makes handling it easy.
  • It helps relievebody pain and stress.


  • It may sag if used by heavy people.

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Pure Green Natural Latex MattressPure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Are you looking for an eco-friendly option that delivers all the required features? If so, this Avocado Green Mattress will be perfect for you.

Main Features

Generally, latex is not the best option for heavy people, but this mattress makes it work. This is because it doesn’t just deliver a latex mattress. It equips it with an array of additional elements that all work together to deliver comfort and convenience. For instance, the mattress has a zoned construction which is included in the coil layer. This type of construction helps offer enhanced support that is seldom provided by latex mattresses.

The-pillow top option further delivers support. Rather than just being an element for the purpose of styling the mattress, the pillow top serves the purpose of adding comfort. This is ensured by including two-inches of Dunlop latex in the pillow top.

The mattress is also equipped with quality edge support. This support is guaranteed by the use of coils on the edge of the bed. Hence, you can rest assured that you will have a comfortable night’s sleep if you use this mattress.

Yet another feature that makes this mattress worth the money spent is the durability offered. This product is equipped with 0.5 inches of Joma New Zealand Wool. Not only is this wool known to last long, but it also acts as a fire retardant. Moreover, it delivers an extra layer of comfort that many other mattresses might lack.


  • The customer service is excellent.
  • This mattress is completely natural and doesn’t contain any toxic material.
  • It is quite durable.
  • The coil technology and the Joma wool together help deliver maximum comfort.


  • Some might find it a little too hard.
  • It is not ideal for people with back pain.

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If you are overweight, getting comfortable sleep is much more of a challenge for you. However, if you select your mattress wisely, you are bound to feel much more comfortable. Among the five mattresses we reviewed, we found the Novosbed to be the best. This is because it ticks all the right boxes, whether it be conformity or ventilation.

Your choice can be different from ours. At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters. Assess each mattress on your own and see which one best satisfies your need to choose the best mattress. Now, you are free to enjoy a good night’s sleep.