Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses

Keetsa Mattress is a company which is committed in presenting amazing sleep products which hardly have any impact on your pocketbook. They have made several innovative changes to barge into the list of top quality mattress sellers.

Whatever is your requirement, you will surely find one that suits you. They sell mattresses which are eco friendly, less expensive and healthy as well.

What Are Eco Friendly Mattresses?

Mattress plays vital role in one’s life. It is where one spends time relaxing. It is the only thing you seek after a tiring day. One third of human life is spent on mattresses. Hence comfort cannot be compromised.

Before buying mattresses, put in extreme care to make sure they are worth spending your hard earned money. Comfort level, durability, price, strength, etc are the most important factors to be considered.

What most of us neglect is to check if the mattress is eco friendly or not. Basically, an eco friendly mattress uses organic materials like wool and organic cotton. They do not have chemicals like petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds which are commonly included in ordinary mattresses.

These chemicals tend to develop allergic reactions. Bed bugs and dust mites create further problems. The petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds are general used in house paints.

So it is not difficult to imagine the adverse effects it can have on human health. Lying on these chemical for one third of your live can worsen your health in the long run.

How To Choose An Eco Friendly Mattress?

  1. If you are planning to buy a latex mattress, it should have at least 97% of natural rubber which is tapped from trees.
  2. The frame which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council is the best eco friendly mattress. It proves the wood also is not treated with chemicals.
  3. Avoid mattresses which include polybrominated diphenyl ether. They claim to stop fire from spreading. But studies prove it increases the chances of you getting infected with cancer.
  4. If you want a mattress which can protect you from fire, choose an organic wool mattress.
  5. Higher the foam density better will be the product.
  6. If you are looking for an innerspring mattress, check for the one which has recycled steel for its springs and coils.
  7. Eco friendly mattresses are biodegradable. Ask the sales persons available if they are bio-degradable. If he says no, don’t buy them.
  8. There are several manufacturers of mattress who just name them eco friendly. Protect yourself from such dealers and manufacturers. If you have already been a victim, buy an organic mattress topper, instead of completely changing the mattress.

Properties Of Keetsa Mattress

  1. Keetsa Mattresses are purely eco-friendly mattress. In an effort to make so, untreated cotton, extract of green tea, bamboo and cedar oil is used. Due to this, Keetsa mattresses have an odd smell. But with time, they disappear.
  2. For people who want soft feel, keetsa pillow soft, tea leaf classic and tea leaf supreme is suggested. For a firm feel, Keetsa Plus and Keetsa Cloud is advisable.
  3. The Keetsa Mattress cannot be recompressed. Once the mattress is taken out of the box, it cannot be recompressed to put back into the box.
  4. The Keetsa mattresses offer free shipping via UPS approved shipping boxes.
  5. The products of Keetsa are fire safe.
  6. The Keetsa beds are durable and they can withstand any amount of pressure.
  7. Keetsa Mattresses provide legendary customer care service. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can anytime contact customer care representative to return the product.
  8. Keetsa products are not 100 percent organic. It is on a mission to deliver comfortable mattress in an eco friendly way. Durability and affordability are on their priority list.
  9. The Keetsa beds come with a warranty of 12 years. This itself is enough to prove the quality and longevity of the product.
  10. Keetsa offers comfort layers which improve the comfort of mattresses.
  11. For returning the product, there is a processing fee of 25% of the product value. It is therefore recommended to consul t sleep consultants before returning the product.
  12. The Keetsa products are manufactured in china.
  13. If the foam density of mattress is more than 1.8, its performance will be better. Keetsa products have foam density of 3.0 to 5.0.

Advantages Of Keetsa Beds

Keetsa beds are very comfortable. It molds as per the body but does not let the body cave in. It does not sink nor have any signs of dents. Keetsa products are affordable and are much lesser in cost than big brands available in the market.

Disadvantages of Keetsa Products

They are very heavy, making it extremely difficult to move. It can only be rotated. Once the product is removed from the box, it cannot be replaced into it. However, efforts are being made to achieve it.

Products Manufactured By Keetsa

While mattresses are popular, keetsa also sell Bed Frames, Pillows, Comfort Layers and Beddings. All the products sold by keetsa possess high quality and durability. They also are very affordable. Keetsa occasionally welcomes its customers with lovely offers.

Why Choose Keetsa?

It is healthy and environmentally friendly. From top to bottom of the product, it offers enhancements to every factor that is important for a good night’s sleep. Less manufacturing waste, more environmentally healthy ingredients, slimmer shipping, clean mattress, no harmful gases, amazing durability, reasonable investment and above all streamlined efficiency of company makes Keetsa stand out.

Keetsa products have 100 percent woollen padding outer fire barrier with non toxic fire retardant. The cover and fabric is made of organic cotton and hemp, sometimes mixed with 60% polyester to increase the durability.

However, keetsa tries its best to reduce the use of synthetic materials. They use natural green tea extract instead of synthetic deodorants. This helps in keeping the mattress fresh all the time.

The Keetsa Company prefer using recycles shipping boxes and water based inks instead of unnatural elements. After removal of Keetsa bed from UPS approved shipping box, it expands back to 90% of its original size.

Within few days it regains its 100% size. The company provides free door step delivery. The Keetsa mattresses are self supportive. They do not require box springs if they are laid on a stable platform.

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