Keetsa Pillow Plus Mattress Review

Our sleep is the most compromised element of our lives. We compromise on much needed sleep to complete our everyday tasks and opt for the cheapest option while buying a mattress for the bed. But in reality, it should be the other way round!

It is very important to understand that sleep is just as important for our body system as a break is for any machine. Both of them, when overworked, burn out and eventually refuse to function anymore. So, instead of pushing your body to that dangerous limit, what you need to do is ensure effective break time in which both your mind and body can relax. And that is only possible through proper sleep.

For a proper sleep, free of any discomfort or body pain, you need a good mattress. As soft and supportive as can be, to make you feel as if you were sleeping on a cloudy pillow! The KEETSA Pillow Plus is just the thing!

Choosing Right And Then Dreaming Away!

“Sleeping as if on a soft pillow”, doesn't it sound just beautiful? Some mattresses are so uncomfortable that they leave you dreaming of one which would be as soft as possible and offer you all the comfort you lack right now. The only way to deal with this problem is to stop dreaming, and buy a new mattress which ensures comfort.

The importance of a comfortable and soft mattress cannot be exaggerated and is best understood by the poor victims of highly uncomfortable mattresses. Suffering from constant neck, shoulder, and back pain warrants an urgent need to change your mattress! Before the body pains intensify to become absolutely unbearable, one needs to take hint and choose a soft mattress which offers supple support to the body. And KEETSA Plus is the answer!

What Is The KEETSA Pillow Plus?

The KEETSA Pillow Plus is the unique combination of the comfort of a mattress topped with a pillow soft overtop.  You get two comforts in one, with the coil support of your KEETSA bed mattress which offers you a chance of lying on a pillow smooth bed top, which ensures comfortable sleep.

For individuals troubled with sleepless nights because of their uncomfortable mattress, this KEETSA mattress offers the opportunity to experience the comfort of sleeping on clouds!

Unique Combinative Design

The mattress has been manufactured with a singular design idea. It provides dual comfort of a coil mattress with a pillow soft overtop. The independent coils provide the body the support it needs to avoid any physical pains, while the smooth plush pillow top gives the feeling of sleeping on a soft cloud!

This unique combination is a genius of KEETSA design!

Comfortable Mattress Top

The pillow soft top of the mattress ensures a comfortable sleeping experience for users who prefer to sleep on their sides or on the stomach. While the coils offer supple support, the plush covering ensures a luxurious feel, making the KEETSA Pillow Plus the ideal formula for a comfortable sleep!

Natural Green Tea Ingredients

The mattress has a natural tea extract called EverGreenTM embedded within, which keeps it fresh for a long period of time – no need for any artificial fresheners! This feature makes the mattress an eco-friendly product.

Benefits Of The KEETSA Pillow Plus

The Pillow Plus has the following beneficial features:

  • A memory foam mattress with an independent coil core.
  • The iCoils provide supple support to the body and contour the mattress to the shape of the user, preventing any chances of body pain.
  • The memory foam and independent coils in the mattress help relieve any pain present in the neck, shoulder and back areas of the body.
  • The smooth plush pillow mattress top, makes for comfortable sleeping for both side and stomach sleepers.
  • The mattress has been designed with the KEETSA unique design technology, which ensures a low carbon footprint offering an environment friendly solution.
  • Affordably priced high quality mattress with the dual comfort feature of coils with memory foam and a plush top.
  • A fire resistant memory foam mattress.


Who Will Need A KEETSA Pillow Plus?

Anybody who wants to spend a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep, to rejuvenate their tired body, will need the Pillow Plus for sure!

The soft plush pillow mattress cover top, offers side and stomach sleepers with a highly comfortable sleeping experience! The comfortable plush luxury of the soft pillow, cradles the entire body in the Pillow Plus, offering your tired body just the pampering it needs after a long day at work.

The iCoil technology provides supple support and contours to the shape of the body, offering just the pressure needed to help you relax and avoid any neck or back pains. With the right choice, you can enjoy the comforts of a memory foam mattress with an innovative design and eco friendly solution, at a highly affordable price!

  • Brand: Keetsa
  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Support: A Lot
  • Overal Rating: 5 out of 5 stars