How To Find The Best Mattress And Sleep Deep

Many people are still sleeping on an older mattress. Studies have shown that most people sleep on their mattress three to five years past the date that it is no longer good. People just don't like replacing their mattress. Maybe you don't have to. You can keep your old mattress just a bit longer and give it new life by purchasing a  memory foam bed.

People tend to keep their old mattress because it's familiar. They don't want to have to break in and get used to a new mattress. But what they don't realize is that it is only hurting them to hang on to the old mattress. They might give in and eventually get a new mattress when their back is hurting and they are not sleeping well. We'll go out and get new cars and new electronics because they are fancy and the newest, coolest thing. But most people do not enjoy getting a new mattress.

Who knows why? People just love their mattresses. People actually spend about a third of their lives in their bed, and a mattress is key to the amount and quality of sleep we are getting. Mattresses are quite important, so we should upgrade if we can and whenever we need to.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Keetsa Latex Comfort Layer Mattress TopperIf your mattress is old and needs replacing, you might be able to revamp it with a mattress topper instead. When thinking about whether or not to get mattress topper, think about these questions:

  1. Does it feel too soft?

  2. Is it sagging in the middle?

Were you able to answer yes for either question? If so, then go beyond the mattress topper for a new memory foam mattress. However, if your mattress is still flat and firm, you could simply upgrade it with a topper.

A mattress topper will come in either a 2, 3 or 4 inch height, which is standard for toppers. The thicker it is, the softer your bed will become. If your bed is very firm, or you would like a very soft mattress, then the 4 inch topper is probably the best one for you. The average person will do fine with the 3 inch. For just a touch more softness, the 2 inch will do fine.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream MattressIf your mattress is too soft or it sags in the middle, then you'll want to move beyond just a mattress topper and get a new mattress.

A memory foam mattress has two main layers, a memory foam layer on the top and a base foam layer underneath. The memory foam layer's job is providing the proper initial support and comfort. The base layer provides a deeper support. The base layer helps keep your shoulders and hips from sinking too low in the mattress, and helps keep your spine properly aligned.

A good quality mattress has the right ratio of memory foam to base foam. A mattress cover can help keep the mattress clean, prevent fire damage, and wick away moisture to keep you dry and cool. These features make memory foam mattresses a good investment.

Try a Memory Foam Bed You May Be Surprised !

Memory foam can offer great benefits, whether it comes from a topper or a mattress. You can possibly keep your current mattress if it is in good shape, flat and firm. If it is not, you'll want to get a whole new mattress. And even though you don't want to, you will be happy that you did.