How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling that something is just not right? It may be a case of simply waking up in the wrong side of the bed, or feeling anxious about whatever challenges you may have to face today. And sometimes, even if you can’t think of any reason why, you still feel ill at ease, and it is further aggravated by thoughts of bad omen.

Several reasons can be attributed to this feeling. For one, it may be because you were not able to complete the recommended number of sleep hours, or you were interrupted during sleep, or you were having a bad dream that—although you could not remember what it was about—the bad feeling lingered. Not having a decent sleep, especially if it’s on a regular basis, can lead you to experience its adverse effects. You may feel irritable, have low energy, listless, sleepy, and confused.

To have better sleep, Feng Shui experts recommend that you arrange the things in your bedroom, to ensure that you maintain a good flow of energy in this part of your house. You need to take into account the favorable or unfavorable effects of having certain items that ca be found in your bedroom which by the way, should be a source of good energy, healing, and love. It is for this reason that you have to strive and ensure that you are not disrupting the “balance.”

The following are tips on how to Feng Shui your bedroom for better sleep:

  • Clean your bedroom. Declutter your room. If you have a lot of clothes or bags in your closet that you no longer use, take them out, give them away or sell them. If you have storage underneath your bed, you would want to review the items there because they may contain bad memories—you wouldn’t want to be sleeping on top of them. Similarly, clean the clutter on your desk, your nightstand, your drawers, and your cabinets. These things block good energy and they create chaos not only in your bedroom, but also in your mind.


  • Your bedroom should be well ventilated. The air in your bedroom should be able to flow freely. If it’s not too cold or too dangerous to have your windows open, have it slightly open so fresh air could come in. Or, you can at least air your bedroom in the morning and use an electric fan to get the air circulating in the evening. The electric fan doesn’t have to be pointed at you. What’s important is to avoid stagnation in your room.


  • Choose the right bed. If possible, do not buy a bed with storage underneath. Your bed should have a good frame height, good mattress, and a solid headboard. Your bed should also have a bedside table on each side.


  • Choose the right spot for your bed. Placing of items in any room is important, and this definitely applies to the bedroom. Your bed should be placed diagonally from the door, and it should not be aligned with the door.


  • A wall to support behind your bed. This is an aspect that is crucial in bed placement. The wall provides a solid, protective energy around you as you sleep and it is also able to create and hold good energy.


  • Light aroma therapy candles. Light is a manifestation of energy and a provider of nutrients. Candles create an atmosphere or warmth, healing, and intimacy. Surround yourself with fragrance. Choose scents that are meditative and relaxing, such as rose and lavender.


  • Select the right color combination for your room. The colors in your room should be relaxing and should not cause bad emotions. Choose earth colors, from dark chocolate brown to pale white.


  • Bring earth materials into your bedroom. You can have a small potted plant or crystals or stones in your room. They provide grounding elements and create a peaceful environment.


  • Place good art in your bedroom. Artworks are strong sources of energy. Choose images that reflect what you want to happen in your life. Sad images are not advisable in the bedroom; the artworks and pictures should be about love, healing, intimacy, happiness, and other positive images.


  • Let go of electric equipment and gadgets in your room. These include exercise equipment, television, and computer. These things destroy good room energies by bringing in stress, like bad news from news programs, and many others. You will have better sleep if you don’t use your phone or computer right before going to bed.


  • Have good lighting in your bedroom. Bright lights are not advisable, unless you’re working on something important. It would be better if you have mood lights that you can adjust as the night deepens and you’re ready to hit the bed. Having bright light late at night can also interrupt your sleeping pattern.


Your bedroom’s energy flow is not simply affected by the things in your bedroom alone. You are a contributor in your bedroom’s overall feel. Even if all your bedroom elements are correct, but you’re bringing anger and frustration from outside, you’re polluting your bedroom with bad luck.

Before you go to bed, clear your mind. Remember that you can still face challenges and issues the following day. What you need is a good rest, so that when you wake up in the morning, you are energized and well-equipped to face the day ahead. If you couldn’t sleep because of bad thoughts, it is better to get up and do light activities such as reading passages in your favorite book or writing on your journal. Take note of the blessings that you have received, or you could plan the great things you can do in the future, such as traveling or making art.

Furthermore, to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep, avoid energy drinks at night. These include coffee, soft drinks, or other sugary drinks. Drinking them during or after dinner can keep you awake in bed, with a hundred thoughts running through your mind.