King vs California King – The Great Bed Debate

Shopping for a new bed can be quite fun and exciting. Maybe when you were still in high school, you slept in a twin size bed. And then when you started working, you had a very small apartment and had to sleep again on yet another twin bed. But now that you have a new house with a spacious master’s bedroom, it’s time to enjoy the comforts of a king size bed.

Having to sleep in a big, comfortable bed could be your reward for working hard during the day. You just want to lie down and forget all your worries as you cocoon yourself in soft pillows and fresh comforter.

Aside from the type of mattress that you want, you will also need to consider the size of the bed. If you have a big room, it is appropriate to also have a big bed to balance the elements in your room. Also, the bed size is important when you think about your height and width, and if you will be sharing the bed with your spouse or partner. A bed that is a few too inches too short or a few inches too narrow could affect the comfort that we’ll get from it. It can also affect the recommended spacing inside our bedrooms.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Lockland Super Pillow Top Mattress Hybrid Gel InnerspringIf you are going to buy a bed for your master’s bedroom, there is a big chance that you will need a king size bed like the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme. This is ideal if you and your spouse or partner would like to have more space for each side of your bed. It is also practical if you have a pet or a child who wants to share the bed with you from time to time.

There are two kinds of king size beds—the ‘King’ and the ‘California King.’ The California King size beds were developed around the 1960s in California. Many lavish mansions had the California King bed in their bedrooms. Over the years, they have become popular in the international arena. In Europe, the King size bed is known as the ‘Eastern King,’ while the California King size bed is known as the ‘Western King.’

These are the main differences between King and California King beds:

  • Length. The King bed is 80 inches long, while the California King bed is 84 inches long. If you’re a tall person, then having a California size bed may be more suitable for you. The California King bed would also look nice if your bedroom is long, instead of wide.
  • Width. The King bed is 76 inches wide, while the California King bed is 72 inches wide. This means that if two people will lie on the bed, each could occupy a width of 38 inches in a King bed, while occupy 36 inches in a California King bed. The King size bed is one of the widest beds you can buy. It will provide you more than enough room if you move around a lot as you sleep. It is also perfect if you have children who want to sleep beside you.
  • Pocket depth. The King bed and the California bed have different pocket depths. The standard mattress pocket depth is about 7 to 9 inches; a deep pocket is about 10 to 15 inches; while an extra deep pocket can be from 15 to 22 inches. You need to remember this mattress information because it will come in handy when you have to buy bed sheets or comforters for your bed.
  • Space usage. The King and the California King size beds are both larger that the Queen size bed. The King size bed is shorter and wider than the California King size bed.
  • Cost. The King size bed is larger and more expensive than the Queen size bed. However, the California King bed is more difficult to find than the King bed; therefore, the former is a little bit more expensive than the latter, also because the accessories for the California Kind bed are more difficult to find. These accessories include bed frames, box springs, comforters, and bed sheets.

What are the other bed features?

Split beds

You could buy a split King bed, but there is no split California King bed. A dual king or split king mattress have two pieces instead of one. Each piece is almost the same size as a double bed. (A double bed is 75 inches long and 39 inches wide.) Each side of the split bed has its own fitted sheet, but only has one top sheet to cover both mattresses.

The purpose of having a split King bed is to let two people lie on the same bed, without sharing the same mattress. These are two of its benefits: One, each mattress could have its own amount of firmness. One side can have that plush feeling, while the other side is more firm. And two, there is less transfer of motion for split beds. If you move a lot when you sleep, you will not disrupt the sleep of the person next to you.


There are many waterbeds that have the same size as the California King than the King size bed. Sometimes, these waterbeds are a little bit narrower and shorter than the California King. Waterbeds are not popular today as they were before, but some manufacturers still make these beds.

Which bed should you get?

Amerisleep Revere 12" Natural Memory Foam MattressAfter reading the characteristics of each bed, you now have a basic idea of what will suit you and your bedroom. Remember that if you will get the standard King size bed, it would be easier for you to find more accessories such as bed sheets and comforters. You could find more designs as well. Also note that since a California bed is more difficult to find, it may take a few weeks to arrive after you order it. But if you’re over 6 feet tall, then a California King bed might be worth it.